Now’s Your Chance to Get This Shopper-Loved Air Fryer That Crisps Up Meals Like a Pro at 70% Off

2023-03-02 01:18:24 By : Ms. Emily Zhang

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Think: crispy chicken nuggets, fried fish, roasted potatoes, and more. Retail Display

Now’s Your Chance to Get This Shopper-Loved Air Fryer That Crisps Up Meals Like a Pro at 70% Off

If that first bite of fried chicken strips, onion rings, or spring rolls doesn’t have that satisfying crunch sound — you know you’re doing something wrong. So while you might resort to the drive-thru, we have a much better solution to your less-than-crispy problem. It starts with a fully-capable air fryer like this popular pick that’s versatile and is on sale for 70% off.

The Whall Air Fryer Oven is kind of like a magic genie that delivers totally crispy foods ranging from small appetizers to full-fledged meals in minutes. In fact, shoppers use it for everything under the sun, including french fries, fish, wings, potatoes, popcorn shrimp, pizza, and more. And it may be hard to believe, but it’s $280 off within this hidden Amazon Gold Box sale section.

To buy: Whall 12-Quart Air Fryer Oven, $120 (originally $400) at

And yes, the air fryer can play double duty by making two recipes at once thanks to its large 12-quart capacity and two tray slots. This is what makes the machine adaptable to your dinner menu — you can slip in the included drip tray for meats like brisket, the wire rack for vegetables, or the crisper tray for chicken nuggs, mozzarella sticks, calamari, and any other item you’d like to air fry. Plus, this countertop appliance is so big, reviewers even say they can cook an entire rotisserie chicken inside.

The Whall air fryer can go up to about 450 degrees Fahrenheit to deliver meals quickly and shoppers confirm that their foods are “tender on the inside [and] crispy on the outside,” which is all any home cook could ask for. It’s designed with nine pre-programmed cooking controls based on your cooking method and protein. And it also has neat programs for dehydrating fruit or jerky as well as reheating hot sandwiches like paninis.

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Everything is to navigate, too. The air fryer has a well-lit LED display with all the functions and the door has a large window, so you can keep tabs on your food. Shoppers particularly like this because this means they never have to open the door to check on the food, while simultaneously letting out precious heat. Bonus: The Whall air fryer even has internal lighting, just like your large oven for optimum viewing.

This clever kitchen gadget is a favorite among tons of Amazon shoppers, which is why it has earned nearly 2,000 five-star ratings to date.

“We use this every day to make dinner or at least some portion of it,” wrote one shopper. “It gets such an amazing crisp to everything. The absolute best thing about this is reheating leftovers [which] can get soggy… this air fryer crushes it. Hit [the] pizza setting for five minutes and it’s perfect every single time.”

Another shopper who swears by its fast-cooking capabilities wrote, “This air fryer has changed my life when it comes to quick tasty meals!” The single-mom who uses this for after-school meals called the Whall air fryer a “game changer.”

While they like how it “crisps up” restaurant leftovers they’d typically toss out, they confirm: “It quickly cooks chicken and fish, [and] steaks turn out great when you don't have time to set up the grill. I definitely recommend this to any family with busy schedules.”

Want to enjoy delectably crispy foods right at home? Go with the Whall 12-quart air fryer while it’s $280 off at Amazon now.

At the time of publishing, the price was at $120.

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Now’s Your Chance to Get This Shopper-Loved Air Fryer That Crisps Up Meals Like a Pro at 70% Off

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