3 phase 220V~690V low voltage AC motor soft starter

Product Features© Reduce the starting current, reduce power supply peak current, reduce the cost of distribution equipment. Reduce the abrasion of motor, improve the service life of mechanical equipment.© Optional starting parameters are convenient in one soft starter starting different motors.©&nbs

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Product Features

© Reduce the starting current, reduce power supply peak current, reduce the cost of distribution equipment. Reduce the abrasion of motor, improve the service life of mechanical equipment.
© Optional starting parameters are convenient in one soft starter starting different motors.
© Soft starter inspects motor feedback voltage to realize closed loop control, ensure the motor start-up success in different conditions and different loads.
© A variety of starting ways: voltage ramp starting way can get the maximum output torque; Current limiting can realize biggest limitations of the soft start starting current.
© Reliable quality assurance: using computer simulation design; SMT production process; Excellent electromagnetic compatibility performance;High tSTperature aging, vibration test of the machine before delivery.
© Perfect and reliable protection function: loss of voltage, less voltage, over voltage protection; overheating, starting time too long; Input phase lost, output phase lost, three-phase imbalance; starting over current, overload and load short circuit protection, etc.
© Full dynamic control field-bus monitoring starter, easy networking
© LCD displaying screen can display parameter code, state and error.


Technical specification

Input VoltageThree-phase 220V/380V/480V/660 AC
Adaptive MotorSquirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motor
Starting TimesIt is recommended not to exceed 20 times per hour.
Control Mode(1) Operation panel control.   
(2) Operation panel + external control.
(3) External control.
(4) External control + COM control.
(5) Operation panel + external + COM control.
(6) Operation panel + COM control.
(7) COM control.
(8) No start or stop operation.
Start Mode(1) Current-limiting to start.
(2) Voltage ramp to start.
(3) Torque control + current-limiting to start.
(4) Torque control + voltage ramp to start.
(5) Current ramp to start.
(6) Voltage current-limiting double closed-loop start.
Stop Mode(1) Soft stop.(2) Free stop.
Protective Function(1)Open loop protection for external instantaneous stop terminals.
(2) Over-heat protection for soft starter.
(3) Protection for too long starting time.
(4) Input open phase protection.
(5) Output open phase protection.
(6) Unbalanced three-phase protection.
(7) starting over current protection.
(8) Running overload protection.
(9) Under voltage protection for power voltage.
(10) Overvoltage protection for power voltage.
(11) Protection for fault parameter setting.
(12) Load short circuit protection.
(13) Auto restart or incorrect wiring protection.
(14)Incorrect wiring protection of external control stop terminals.
AmbientPlace to be usedIndoor location with good ventilation free from corrosive gas and conductive dust.
AltitudeBelow 1000M. It have to rise the rate power when the altitude is more than 1000M.
Temperature-30 +55 oC
Humidity90%RH without dew condensation.
StructureProtection ClassIP20
Cooling PatternNatural wind cooling.

Products Selection 

3 Phase 220V~690V Low Voltage Soft Starter for AC Motors

1, 220V Series 
     Model  Current
   Heavy load
   Model  Current
  Heavy load
ST-GS2-5d5    22   5.5        4 ST-GS2-075  320   75      55
ST-GS2-7d5    30   7.5        5.5   ST-GS2-090  370   90      75
ST-GS2-011    45   11        7.5 ST-GS2-115  400   115      90
ST-GS2-015    60   15         11 ST-GS2-132  500   132      115
ST-GS2-018    75   18.5         15 ST-GS2-160  560   160      132
ST-GS2-022    90    22        18.5 ST-GS2-185  630   185      160
ST-GS2-030   110    30        22 ST-GS2-200  800    200      185
ST-GS2-037   150    37         30 ST-GS2-220  900    220      200
ST-GS2-045   180    45         37 ST-GS2-250 1000   250      220
ST-GS2-055    230    55         45 ST-GS2-280 1200   280      250

2, 380V Series 
     Model  Current
   Heavy load
   Model  Current
  Heavy load
ST-GS3-5d5    11   5.5        4 ST-GS3-132  260    132      115
ST-GS3-7d5    15   7.5        5.5   ST-GS3-160  320    160      132
ST-GS3-011    23   11        7.5 ST-GS3-185  370    185       160
ST-GS3-015    30   15         11 ST-GS3-200 400     200      185
ST-GS3-018    37   18.5         15    
ST-GS3-022    45    22        18.5 ST-GS3-250  500   250     220
ST-GS3-030   60    30        22 ST-GS3-280  560   280     250
ST-GS3-037   75    37         30 ST-GS3-320  630   320     280
ST-GS3-045   90    45         37 ST-GS3-355  710   355     320
ST-GS3-055   110    55         45 ST-GS3-400  800   400    355
ST-GS3-075   150    75        55 ST-GS3-450  900   450    400
ST-GS3-090   180     90         75 ST-GS3-500 1000   500    450
ST-GS3-115   230    115        90 ST-GS3-600 1200   600    500

3, 480V Series
Matching motor power ModelCurrent
Matching motor power
Heaavy load
Heaavy load

Size Information

3 Phase 220V~690V Low Voltage Soft Starter for AC Motors

Soft starter installation diagram

3 Phase 220V~690V Low Voltage Soft Starter for AC Motors

The soft start (5.5KW~600KW) selection list of peripheral appliances are as follows:
ModelRated power (KW)Rated current (A)Breaker (A)By-pass contactor(A)Cable size (mm2)
XX-XX3-5d55.51116164 mm2
XX-XX3-7d57.51520164 mm2
XX-XX3-011112332256 mm2
XX-XX3-0151530404010 mm2
XX-XX3-0181837504010 mm2
XX-XX3-0222243636316 mm2
XX-XX3-0303060806325 mm2
XX-XX3-037377510010035 mm2
XX-XX3-045459012510035 mm2
XX-XX3-0555511016016035 mm2
XX-XX3-0757515018016030×3 mm2
XX-XX3-0909018022525030×3 mm2
XX-XX3-11511523031525030×3 mm2
XX-XX3-13213226431540030×4 mm2
XX-XX3-16016032035040030×4 mm2
XX-XX3-18518537040040030×4 mm2
XX-XX3-20020040040040050×5 mm2
XX-XX3-25025050063063050×5 mm2
XX-XX3-28028056063063050×5 mm2
XX-XX3-32032064063063050×5 mm2
XX-XX3-3553557101000100060×6 mm2
XX-XX3-4004008001000100060×6 mm2
XX-XX3-4504509001000100060×6 mm2
XX-XX3-50050010001250100080×6 mm2
XX-XX3-60060012001600160080×6 mm2
  • The rated power and rated current indicate the maximum rated value of the soft start. The matching specification of breakers and bypass contactors should match with the motor.
  • Soft starter is for six terminal inputs and three terminal outputs, it is still with the online protection function at the state of bypass contactor sucking, do not need to add additional motor protection device.
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3 Phase 220V~690V Low Voltage Soft Starter for AC Motors

Quality Guarantee

3 Phase 220V~690V Low Voltage Soft Starter for AC Motors

Our Service:

1.   Can I get some samples?
Yes, Sample order is available for quality check and market test .But you have to pay for it .
2.   What's delivery time?
It usually takes about 3-5 working days for small order and 10-15 days for big order .
3.   What's your payment terms?
We usually accept all kinds of payment terms .Such as T/T,L/C, Western Union.Cash.
4.   What's your warranty terms?
We offer 24 months warranty time .
5.   Do you have the products in stock?
Depends on your request ,We have standard models in stock. Some special products and big order will be newly produced according to your order .
6.   Can I mix different power in one container .
Yes ,Different models can be mixed up in one container ,even one order .
7.   How does your factory do the quality control?
Quality is priority ,we always attach the importance to quality control from the beginning to the end of the production .every product will be fully assembled and carefully tested before packing and shipping .
8.   Can you sell spare parts ?
If you are using our products .we can sell spare parts to you . But we couldn't sell the half-finished products.
9.I would like to know if you have a partner for export?
Yes .We have the right to export and can sell electrical product all over the world..
10. Can you make the inverter and soft starter control boards (switchgear)?
Yes. We have a lot of experience to design frequency inverter and soft starter cabinet according to your request . 
11.Can the inverter connect with computer?
Yes .All inverters have built-in RS485 port .and support Modbus communication protocol. 
12.How can I trust you ?
Our company has been audited and approved ISO9001,CE.CCC. Assessment report will could be sent to you by e-mail. and we will take all the responsibility once problem during warranty time.

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